Greetings fellow Texas Patriot Guard Riders:
Bobby "kawabob" Stroka Rick Behr Construction State Captain Texas Patriot Guard Riders,
With the soon to be Open Carry Law, we have had several questions about how this will affect the Patriot Guard.
As we understand the law, you must be a licensed CHL holder in order to legally carry a handgun in the open.
The Texas Patriot Guard is not in the position to question your rights as a licensed CHL holder.  A  CHL license holder knows where they are allowed to carry a weapon and where they are not allowed to carry based on the laws.
That being said, we all need to remember that the Patriot Guard are invited guests of the family of a fallen Hero at their most sacred time and we are there to pay Honor and Respect.  That respect and common sense needs to prevail.  Our missions/ flag lines are not the place to be displaying an open weapon.
  • The Texas Patriot Guard Riders policy will be that no open carry will be permitted on any mission.
The RC in charge of the mission does have the authority to ask anyone who is open carrying to remove the firearm and place it out of view, and/or ask the individual to leave the mission if they refuse.
This policy is not in any way, shape, or form to infringe on the rights of a CHL holder, but to simply set a higher standard to which the Patriot Guard is known for and presents to our Hero’s families at each and every mission.
Any questions can be directed to me at  Texas State Captain Patriot Guard Riders 
Thank you all for supporting the Patriot Guard Riders and Honoring our Hero’s 
  • FYI: NO OPEN CARRY!! at Missions, and I Will include Events as well.

Butch "Turtle" Cone, Deputy State Ride Captain              


Please remember when parking at the Airport:

It is a privilege afforded to PGRSTX by the Airport to be able to park in front of the terminal.

Park in the inside lane/ commercial lane.Park before the Major crosswalk [We no longer park after the major crosswalk. Only in the event of over-flow we can park on this other section].

Park at a 45 angle from the curve. Do not park perpendicular to the curve.

Come to a complete Stop before crossing any of the crosswalks.

PGR Volunteers riding their cages [automobiles] turn your parking ticket to the Ride Captain collecting them for validation from Airport security.

Upon leaving the Airport you must turn in the ticket and sign up at the exit of the parking lot.

Don't loose your parking slip or you will be paying for your stay at the airport.

MAY 4,5, and 6, 2018



On Behalf of Steve Conger, Assistant State Captain - Texas and Butch "Turtle" Cone, Deputy State Captain
2018 GOTC

East Texas PGR will be hosting the 2018 Gathering of the Guard.  Mark your calendars NOW as well as book your spot .

The location for the 2018 GOTG will be "The Crockett Family Resort " which is located 10 miles from Crockett Tx on Houston County Lake.

It will be held May 4,5 & 6, 2018.

Please go to their website and check it out. If interested give them a call to make your reservation. Just mention Patriot Guard GOTG.

75 Dogwood Lane West
Crockett, TX 75835
(936) 544-8466


Steve Conger

Assistant State Captain -  Texas

Patriot Guard Riders

Tyler, TX. USA